More than 80,000 copies sold so far!

Poppy was published in English, Spanish, German and most recently (2010) in Korean.

"From the day nine-year-old Poppy mysteriously appears in the hospital room of lonely, cantankerous Allegra Alexander, the aging movie-star's life begins to change. The old woman's spirit–crushed years ago by her husband's untimely death and her son's rejection–is reborn through the intercession of the mystical child Poppy. Strengthened and guided by Poppy, Allegra learns to forgive and love again..."



Hardback, first edition, published by Ballantine (Random House) in 1987. Limited number of copies.

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Softcover, published by iUniverse

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"Just as Poppy helped Allegra open her bruised heart and love again in Poppy, Angel of Love (Poppy), Poppy helps the local minister forgive himself and find the peace he desperately needs in the second Poppy book, Poppy, Angel of Peace."


Softcover, published by LuLu.

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